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Trump’s Keeping His Promises Again! He Announces New Social Security Monthly Amounts

Senior Citizens on all sides of the political spectrum have been wondering if Trump would keep his promises he made on the campaign trail to protect Medicaid and Social Security. These two entitlements are getting to be such a huge part of the budget that many were wondering how he could preserve them without raising taxes across the board.

Fortunately, we’re talking about Trump, and he’s had a plan all along. Here’s what he said on the campaign trail:

“As President, I’ll secure and strengthen Medicare and Social Security. We’ll do this with strong economic growth — by bringing our jobs back from Mexico and China, by creating new jobs and stopping U.S. corporations from abandoning our country. Americans will NOT lose their programs under Trump.”

We’re already seeing that Trump is making good on his word. Jobs are coming back to the U.S. in record numbers and the economy is booming. Though his policies aren’t fully in effect, yet, there’s good news for Social Security recipients, too.

 Here are the changes that are being implemented this year:

Monthly payment is increased to $1,360 for single recipients and $2,260 for married couples.

Recipients who will continue to work will be able to earn more this year without being penalized.

Those under 65 can earn up to $16,920 and those turning 66 can earn as much as $44,880 — up $3,000 from 2016.

To see all the payment increases and changes, visit the official Social Security website.



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