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Watch VIDEO! Immigrant Attacks Police!

Welcome to Texas!!!

Wahib Sadek Hamed, a Muslim immigrant who lives in Texas was pulled over by police for reckless driving in the city of Arlington. Witnesses said he had also threatened a woman with a knife before police arrived.

According to witnesses Sadek Hamed got out of his car and approached the police in an aggressive manner.

Because of this, the officer took out his taser which shows that the police don’t WANT to shoot people.

It was at this point that the suspect shouted something about supporting ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

After this statement, officers wasted no time and hit him with the taser. Three taser blasts later, Hamed was on the ground writhing in pain.

This incident occurred when Obama was in office and was freely allowing these Muslim migrants through our borders.

Watch the video:

Watching this video, I am wondering how Hillary Clinton and Obama want this kind of people in our country.

Wake up America!!! And remember this! All Islamic extremists and ISIS members are bullies. There is no hope for them and when they are around, there will be no peace. There is only one solution for that situation and President Trump is giving his best efforts to fix this problem!

But the sad thing is that no matter how much Trump’s administration is trying to solve this problem, any measures against Muslims won’t be effective till there are liberals who are working for them!

As regards to the police- Justice was well served!!!

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