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Liberal Dirty Trick Used on Judge Gorsuch! (VIDEO)

BOOM! There’s nothing better than seeing a smug, Liberal hack of a Senator get completely taken down, but that’s just what happened yesterday in the confirmation hearings for Justice Gorsuch. And by the way, he was nice than I think any of us would have been. In fact, unlike a Liberal, he didn’t holler or make threats or called names, he simply and cordially stated his case and made Feinstein look like the Democratic fool that she is.

Here’s what happened:

As is their standard method of operation, the Democrats constructed a false narrative about Gorsuch that he was a friend of the big corporations who never sided with the little guy. Feinstein used her turn to ask Gorsuch if he could supply ANY examples of ruling in favor of the common man, and that’s when the fun began!

Here’s the rest of the exchange courtesy of HotAir.com:

GORSUCH: Senator, I know a case or two has been mentioned yesterday. Respectfully, I’d suggest that does not represent the body of my work. I’ve written two thousand — I’ve participate in 2,700 opinions over ten and a half years. And if you want cases where I’ve ruled for “the little guy,” as well as “the big guy,” there are plenty of those, Senator. The Ute Indian tribe —

FEINSTEIN: Would you be willing to submit some of them? It’s hard to read 2,700 cases — [cross-talk]

GORSUCH: Oh, I’ll name a bunch them right now. [crosstalk] I’m sorry, Senator, of course. Ute 5 and 6. Fletcher. The Rocky Flats case, which vindicated the rights of people who had been subject to pollution from large companies in Colorado — uranium pollution. I’d point you to the Magnesium case, similar pollution case in the Salt Lake City area. Colorado’s effort with renewable energy; upheld that. Orr v City of Albuquerque, involving pregnancy discrimination in a police department in Albuquerque. WD Sports, a discrimination claim. Casey, Energy West, Crane, Simpson v CU, involving young women who had been harassed by the football team. AM, Browder, Sutton — I can give you a long, long list.

By this time, Feinstein was clearly embarrassed, but Gorsuch wasn’t finished,:

FEINSTEIN: That’s wonderful. We’ll find them, and we’ll read them.

GORSUCH: And Senator, the bottom line, I think is, is I’d like to convey to you from the bottom of my heart is that I’m a fair judge. And I think if you ask people in the Tenth Circuit, “Is he a fair judge?”, you’re going to get the answer that you got yesterday from both Senator Bennet and Senator Gardener and from General Katyal, and the same answer you got from Senator Allard and Senator Salazar ten years ago. And Senator, I can’t guarantee you more than that — but I can promise you absolutely nothing less.

If you missed seeing this yesterday, this is some must-watch television! Enjoy:

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