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4 Days Before He Was Murdered, He Had Been Asked To Join Hillary Clinton’s Campaign – Said Seth Rich’s Father! (VIDEO)

Wikileaks today dropped bombshell information about DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered July 10th of 2016.

Wikileaks released a series of private messages between alleged ‘Russian spy’ Guccifer 2.0 and actress Robin Young. In the stream of texts, Guccifer 2.0 tells Young that Seth Rich was one of his whistleblowers. This news has reignited the calls to solve Seth Rich’s murder.

Rumors have been swirling that Seth Rich was possibly murdered by a hit man because he was likely the source of the DNC leak. Seth Rich’s father, Joel Rich, said in an August 2016 interview with Daily Mail that Seth Rich had been asked to join Hillary Clinton’s campaign 4 days before he was murdered.

Police reports confirm that nothing was stolen from Seth Rich. He still had his watch, wallet and phone on him when police arrived which indicate this was not an attempted robbery, rather a murder for other purposes.

Watch the video below:



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