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Donald Trump Axed One of His Top Allies!

Donald Trump is President, but that does NOT mean he is taking it easy on things and his decisions. In fact, right now he is in the middle of MASSIVE staff changes at the NSC and he just let one of his top people go!

President Trump removed KT MacFarland as Deputy National Security Advisor!

KT MacFarland, the former FOX News star, is now the second person scrapped from the council after Steve Bannon. MacFarland will now serve as ambassador to Singapore.

This all comes just weeks after Lt General HR McMaster took over the National Security Council after Mike Flynn was forced out of office. Trump promised McMaster he could remake the NSC to his liking.

KT MacFarland will be replaced with her former colleague Dina Powell as deputy National Security Advisor.

Look, we all know how the Liberal media is gonna treat this. They are gonna act like this is proof that Trump is falling apart. HE IS NOT!

They pulled this same BS when he changed people around during his campaign. Guess what, HE STILL WON!

This act from our President, show us that what kind of manager  he is, and of course best President ever. If you are as proud as I am, then help me get this Shared everywhere and leave a big THANK YOU message for Trump!

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