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Breaking News: Democrats Threaten to CUT OFF Medicare & Social Security to “Punish” Trump!

The Democrats are currently in a downward spiral. Thanks to their anti-Trump hysteria, they are now moving to eliminate two of their trademark creations just to spite President Trump.

Without a hint of self-awareness, Congressional Democrats are threatening to shut down the government if President Trump and his Republican allies defund Obamacare. That’s right–the very same liberals who criticized Republican lawmakers in 2013 for the temporary government shutdown are now musing the idea of cutting off Medicare and Social Security.

Specifically, the Democrats have a plan to tie Medicare and Social Security payments to Obamacare, thus putting millions of checks on the line.

Such a move is purely designed to hurt President Trump and his popularity.

After all, President Trump campaigned on championing the forgotten common man, therefore the Democrats believe that late or missing Medicare and Social Security payments would turn Trump into a villain.

In truth, President Trump also campaigned on defunding and eradicating Obamacare. Furthermore, the current showdown between Congressional Republicans and Democrats is over a possible healthcare alternative.

President Trump wants to work with Democrats in Congress in order to pass a bipartisan bill. The Democrats want Obamacare or nothing else.

After years of deriding Republicans for their supposedly obstructionist tactics against Obama, the Democrats are doing the very same thing even before President Trump’s first one hundred days are up.

President Trump could always take a page out of his predecessor’s book and pass a healthcare law without a single vote from the Democrats. The Obamacare fiasco ultimately proves just how far the Democrats have fallen. Obama tried to pass the law off as a step towards universal healthcare, but what he actually created was a gargantuan nightmare that only benefited insurance companies.

Now, with Obamacare a few steps away from death, Democrats are trying to revive it by temporarily killing off the two biggest welfare reforms of presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson (both Democrats.)

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