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Breaking News: The House Just Voted! Only AMERICAN LAWS Will Be Used – Sharia Law Is Officially DONE!

In United States has been a battle of sorts against the illegal immigrants that try to come in and destroy our country. Many states have gone ahead with the law that bans the use of foreign laws in the United States, including Shariah Law. Shariah Law is a hateful form of governmental laws that specifically oppresses women. Many Muslims in the United States have been trying to enforce this horrible set of laws and in some places they are succeeding.

A new state has finally come out against this form of oppression. First it was Montana, which has officially decided to ban Shariah Law from anywhere in the state. Now it looks like the Arkansas House of Representatives has banned any foreign law from being enforced within Arkansas. Now only “American Laws” will be able to enter the Arkansas state line. Finally we are starting to see some good come about Shariah Law. No true American wants this horrible set of laws to be practiced anywhere in the United States.

The bill officially passed 63-24 and has moved on to the Senate for the final decision. Many other states should follow their decision as it is what is needed for this country right now.

Arkansas Rep. Brandt Smith was the key sponsor of this new legislation. Of course there were some Democrats that said this bill hurt Muslims and should be dismissed.

Sharia Law is a horrendously outdated form of government that has no place in the United States. President Donald Trump has been working very hard in order to sure up our borders and make extreme vetting a priority. After the past 8 years when anyone could do anything, it is refreshing to see this kind of bill passed. Hopefully others will follow suit.


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