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Trey Gowdy Has A New List Of People For Investigation!

Trey Gowdy announced this morning that he’s suspending all of his investigations if they don’t pertain to the number one threat facing America: the globalization of our constitutional republic by powers beyond the scope of typical law enforcement. There are forces at play trying to take over our country and Gowdy isn’t going to stand for it.

On the list of globalists the committee will be investigating are

The Clintons,

The Obamas,

The Rothschilds,

The Rockefellers,

The Soros family,

And a factions inside the Vatican.

If Gowdy’s accusations are correct, these powerful political and banking giants have been manipulating the American dollar, stealing interest payments from the treasury’s general fund, selling blocks of bonds from the Social Security trust fund and trading weapons, including nuclear, with terrorists across the globe.

With so much on the line and such a dangerous array of globalists under the microscope, Trey Gowdy is putting his life and the lives of everyone on the committee at risk. All of the members have volunteered and will receive extra protection. Hopefully this will shut down the shadow government that has managed to keep Obamacare, the Iran deal, NAFTA and the TPP in place despite the actions of President Trump and the wishes of the American people.

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