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Breaking News: Julian Assange Just Came Out And Said The Last Thing James Comey Wanted Him To!

James Comey went before Congress and testified about WikiLeaks. During this he claimed that WikiLeaks doesn’t “call us.” Which was meant to be a joke that WikiLeaks doesn’t work with the FBI and that they don’t share their sources with the FBI, but Julian Assange immediately responded with the last thing that Comey wanted him to.

James Comey wanted to try and clear his name that he didn’t have anything to do with WikiLeaks and therefore wasn’t liable for knowing the information that they had published, but Julian Assange wasn’t going to stand for any of that.

Julian Assange claims that he contacted James Comey and the FBI about Wikileaks’ most recent document dump about the CIA and their data gathering technologies and breaking of the law to use back doors into the phones of anyone that they want.

But Comey just told Congress that nothing of the kind had happened. But who do you trust at this point?

The FBI Director that not only failed to arrest Hillary Clinton, but also has flip flopped countless times on important intelligence matters, making it impossible to determine where is loyalties lie.

Or the man that used his organization to release thousands of emails that showed the American people just who Hillary Clinton really is, even if she wouldn’t be arrested.

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