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Sharia Islamic Law Banned In 16 US States – Muslim Groups Get Offended!

Question: Why do we need to ban a law that is not our own? Why do we even recognize it? Immigrants are supposed to conform to our country, laws, and Society. It is not supposed to be the other way around!

We need a federal law saying that the US Constitution will be the only law ever used in America. The only entity to whom anyone will pledge allegiance or uphold the principles of!

However, Alabama (two bills), Arkansas, Florida (two bills), Indiana (two bills), Iowa, Kentucky. Mississippi (four bills), Missouri (two bills), North Carolina, Oklahoma (seven bills), South Carolina (two bills), Texas (six bills), Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming (two bills) are the states who decided to introduce legislations to ban any kind of Islamic Law.

Alabama became the latest state to ban sharia law when voters passed a measure adding an amendment to the state constitution.

Of course front groups for radical extremism like CAIR, attempt to spin a different narrative suggesting that the motion was “virulently racist” and “outright hostility towards Muslims.” Alabamans apparently didn’t care what they said, Speisa reported.

The Constitution is the only law here in the USA…If those Muslim get offended then they should go back where they come from.

The Muslims can call it racism or whatever they choose, Sharia Law should not and will not be allowed in this country (EVER). These people who choose to live under this law should have no protection from the standing laws of this nation.

Muslim people, you have one of two choices. Either you abide by the laws of this land or quite simply, you leave. Your choice. Take it or say goodbye. The American people are getting sick and tired of your foolish demands. You can push all you want but don’t be surprised when the American people start shoving back, it’s not going to be pleasant.

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