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Breaking News: Tinfred’s Coroner Found A Piece of Puzzle That Gowdy Has Been Waiting For!

After making a discovery that he never saw it’s coming, Philip Berenson the coroner for the small town of Tinfred, Arkansas this morning made a phone call to Congressman Trey Gowdy’s office. The conversation shape direction of the investigation into the Clintons that always seems to hit a dead end with a dead body.

But this time, the dead body is reportedly directly connected to Bill Clinton, and Hillary knew all about it. Details are still sketchy, but an aide inside Gowdy’s office has leaked that the coroner from Tinfred was astounded to find evidence with such a clear connection to a case that has been so elusive for so many years. The aide, who chooses to remain anonymous, told Breitbart:

“The body this coroner is working with isn’t what anyone expected. As of now there’s a lot of secrecy because when things connected to the Clintons are leaked people tend to turn up dead. The people involved are already being rounded up and put into protective custody. Congressman Gowdy is elated at the news as much as he is saddened by the discovery. This soul may have just been the one to give its life to finally put an end to decades of corruption and murder.”

The Clintons reportedly shrugged and laughed at the allegations, calling them more “right wing conspiracy nonsense.” This is a developing story that will be updated as soon as possible.

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