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After His Love Child was Found Murdered, Bill Clinton Seeking For Divorce!

About 30 years, the Clintons family have been at the center of scandals that always seem to end with a trail of bodies. The question has often been asked, with no evidence to follow, how much do they know and did they personally cover them up? For a majority of Americans, the Clintons are criminals. They are guilty.

Now it seems that Bill Clinton himself is appalled at the actions of his own wife. A rash of bodies lately has culminated in not only the loss of his child, Danney Williams, to suicide, but to the discovery that Michael Ascott, another love child from the 1990s, was murdered and buried in a shallow grave at just 8-years-old. A letter left behind by his mother, Marie Ascott, pointed the finger directly at Hillary Clinton.

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All of this seems to be too much for Bill Clinton, who filed for divorce in Arkansas this morning, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause. Clinton’s spokesman, James McMartin, told reporters from TMZ that the Clintons weren’t the same couple they used to be and that they had simply grown apart.

Sorry, slick Willy. Nobody is buying that. You made the murderer’s bed…you should sleep in it.


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