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Just In: Beautiful First Lady Melania Won’t Wear Head Scarf in Saudi Arabia!

Beautiful First Lady Melania Trump will not be asked to wear a head scarf during her visit to Saudi Arabia this week. Russia Today reported: America’s first lady has not been “ordered” to dress conservatively in Saudi Arabia, the country chosen by her husband as his first official overseas destination. Along with meetings on the US president’s itinerary, there will also reportedly be time for entertainment in the lavish Arab kingdom. While the choice of the first country to be visited by Trump as America’s 45th president has been widely…

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Special Forces Operative Claims: During The Raid, Osama Bin Laden Wasn’t Killed!

I never believed that they got him especially when Obama had him buried at sea. This is a fraud and the administration which was pro-Islam did this. Why would they not allow pictures of him before his mysterious dumping off a ship? Well, some of this answer was given by special forces operative who claims that Osama Bin Laden wasn’t killed! An Iraq war veteran, Kevin E Lake, that frequently writes for The Free Patriot, claims to have received a letter from a special forces buddy of his. Although he…

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Breaking News: Another Country Just Approved Burqa Ban For Good!

Austria has become the latest country to ban the Burqa. The law bans people wearing a full-face veil in public. In the name of integration, the nation has stepped up and said no to the woman-shaming burqa. If caught, anyone wearing the garment will face a fine up to 150 euro or $167. That’s not all, the country will also require that you take a year-long integration course. In the class, they will learn the German language and study the values and ethics in Austria. Better to just avoid the situation altogether…

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SCANDAL: California Governor Moonbeam Loses It-Massive New Law Has Millions In REVOLT!

A freeloader is defined as, “a person who takes advantage of others’ generosity without giving anything in return.” If you’re a Republican, this term usually applies to illegal immigrants who drain tax payer money while refusing to assimilate or look for work. If you’re a Democrat, a freeloader is a taxpayer. At least, this is the case in California, land of the weed and home of the gays. California is Exhibit A of what Democrats will do if they’re not held back by Republicans. In order to finance their socialist, sanctuary city…

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Confirmed: Child Predator Anthony Weiner Will Plead Guilty

Democrat pig and sexual deviant Anthony Weiner will plead guilty in a federal court on charges that he sent obscene material to a minor. He’s a sexual predator and liberals have zero outrage. There’s no indignity from Democrats over this. Hardly a peep. Liberals don’t care that Anthony Weiner was cheating on his wife and preying on young girls. #GirlPower They’re far too busy ginning up fake news over President Trump and accusing him of being the moral equivalent to a pile of yesterday’s garbage. The hypocrisy is stunning. Weiner is expected to turn…

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George Soros Evil Plan To Destroy Trump REVEALED….This Is BAD

THE NOTORIOUS GLOBALIST BILLIONAIRE BELIEVES THE MARKET IS TRUMP’S WEAK POINT. HE CLAIMS TRUMP HAS “NO CHANCE” OF SURVIVING HIS UPCOMING MARKET ASSAULT, GLOATING THAT POTUS WILL BE DESTROYED AND UNABLE TO FOCUS ON MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Frustrated by his failed attempts to control US and world policy, George Soros is resorting to what he knows best – market manipulation – in an attempt to push the Trump presidency over the edge and into ruin. According to Forbes and CNBC, this is not a drill. Soros is betting against the US…

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