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SCANDAL: Look Who Just Got BUSTED Investigating Trump After HUGE Hillary Payout

Conflict of interest is an issue that can pop up during ANY job. It goes from distracting to HARMFUL once politics and money get involved.

We recently learned that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is partially responsible for the unmasking of President Trump during the illegally recorded phone calls. McCabe served under James Comey before his termination and is connected to the Clintons. In fact, McCabe’s wife received a $700,000 payout for her political campaign from the Democrats. (via Twitter)

If it all adds up, something isn’t right about this group of individuals. Democrats claimed that there was “nothing to see here,” but what did you expect? Dems would never come out and say, “Yes! We did a favor for Andrew’s wife because he helped us unmask President Trump”.

There needs to be an investigation into the connection between Hillary, Andrew, his wife, and others close to them. James Comey is being questioned about the connection between these people. There is no doubt that we are going to learn some useful information.

Comey has already provided us with some eye-opening information during his time speaking to the Senate Intelligence Committee. We learned, for example, that all of the people making the Trump-Russia claim are “dead wrong”. We also learned that Comey helped “leak” the memo from the Trump meeting. If he will come forward about that, why not everything else?

Now that we have that piece of information on the table we need to think about why McCabe would bother probing into Trump’s phone calls. We KNOW there was no evidence and, therefore, no cause for the information probe. McCabe made a deal where he would do something for Hillary, and, in exchange, his wife would get a hefty donation from the Democrats.

We are seeing another attempt to sabotage President Trump and, of course, Hillary is the centerpiece of this plan. Clinton wanted to get as much information as she could on Trump so that the conspiracy theories could start flowing.

The corruption that exists on the Left is infuriating. They do not get to control the United States because they have money or power — and President Trump proved them wrong. We would have loved to have been a fly on the wall on election night to see Hillary’s face when she realized that her plan fell apart.

The Left is not going to stop their struggle for power. As time goes on, we are going to see more disturbing trends JUST like this story. If we are aware of how vile they are and know what to look for, we can stop them in their tracks. Patriots like us are SICK and tired of dealing with a corrupt political system.

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