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Just In: Sheriff Clarke Just Went BRUTAL on Violent Liberals

Like the rest of America, Sheriff David Clarke is tired of the liberal violence and the vile, dangerous rhetoric coming from the left.

Even more so, he and the American public are sick of the fake news media and Democrat lawmakers pretending leftist violence and hate doesn’t exist.

It exists, and it’s about to get someone killed.

The latest example occurred on Wednesday, when a rabid anti-Trump #Resistance “Bernie Bro” shot up a baseball field filled with GOP Congressmen practicing for a bipartisan baseball game.

Democrat leaders like loopy Nancy Pelosi are now blaming President Trump for the VA shooting, completely deflecting from the anti-Trump hate and lies they have been spewing for MONTHS.

Clarke heated things up on Twitter when he savagely called out violent liberals for creating a vicious divide in this country.

He’s 100% correct, and this message needs to be repeated until every single American understands who liberals truly are.

Overwhelmingly, the left has become violent and hateful, completely hell-bent on destroying President Trump by ANY MEANS necessary.

While the lying liberal media continues to brainwash Americans by presenting President Trump as a “traitor” to America, liberal celebrities urge people to “resist” with increasingly violent rhetoric.

The results of this constant stream of anti-Trump sentiment from the fake news media and liberal celebrities are becoming more violent and brutal with each incident, as we witnessed Wednesday.

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