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SPECIAL REPORT: Fox News Host Considers Senate Run

According to a new report, Fox News host Eric Bolling is considering a run for Senate after his time at Fox News is done.

The Hill reported:

Bolling, who is currently a “Fox News Specialists” host told the news outlet that he would consider running in a southern GOP primary, but didn’t specify the state.

Bolling, a loyal President Trump supporter, said he hasn’t taken any specific actions toward running, but criticized current Republican politicians for not being conservative enough.

“A lot of Republicans run as conservatives only to be elected, and we find out they’re not conservative at all,” Bolling told Politico.

Bolling, a former commodities traders, was in talks with the Trump transition team to join the administration as an economic adviser last November.

The Fox News host, who regularly filled in for Bill O’Reilly, was set to have to his own show after O’Reilly was forced out over sexual harassment allegations but joined an ensemble show instead.

Eric Bolling is well liked and would do very well as a Senator!

Following the report, Bolling received strong support on social media encouraging him to run…

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