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JUST IN! GOP – Democrats Agree To Spending Bill That Funds Sanctuary Cities, Planned Parenthood — But Not A Trump Wall!

Speaker Paul Ryan and Democrats agreed to a trillion dollar spending bill over the weekend that funds Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities — but NOT the Trump border wall. reported: Congressional Republicans and Democrats have reached agreement on a huge $1 trillion-plus spending bill that would fund most government operations through September, but denies President Donald Trump money for a southern border wall and rejects his proposed cuts to popular domestic programs. Aides to lawmakers involved in the talks disclosed the agreement Sunday night after weeks of negotiations. The…

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Ann Coulter: “Polls Can Be Manufactured And They Are Just Another Tool For The Propagandist!

New York Times – bestselling author Ann Coulter told Breitbart News on Sunday that polls are not accurate quantifiers of public opinion when leftists savagely attack voters for supporting President Donald Trump. Coulter said- “I only read through the first 3 or 4 poll questions and noticed that the percentage of poll respondents opposed to enforcing our immigration laws has SKYROCKETED in the last year. In that same time period, the hysteria and violence on the left has reached epic proportions.” She then continued – “We just had a presidential…

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