Former FBI agent comes forward – raises red flags over Comey’s connections to Clinton!

As a 22-year veteran of the FBI, retired special agent Cesar Paz has seen it all, working undercover and hunting down dangerous terrorists and criminals in many countries around the world. Now he finds himself on a mission to spread the truth about former FBI director James Comey, who was recently fired by President Trump. Last week Paz blasted out a video with an exclusive message to Comey himself, regarding his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. This week, Paz told DML that he started digging into Comey’s past, “This guy…

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Massive News: Trey Gowdy Just Announced Undisputable Evidence Found During The Clinton Compound Raid

The raid on the Clinton compound in upstate New York last month yielded some interesting results, even if it was accidental. With a full compliance warrant in hand to search the grounds for any and all signs of criminal activity, not only did the feds find and lock away a murderer, they apparently also dug up a key piece of evidence that crushes Hillary Clinton’s defense. Trey Gowdy, head of the ongoing Committee To Convict Clinton, “WHAT WE HAVE HERE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ARE THE 43 SO-CALLED ‘DESTROYED’ BLACKBERRIES THAT THE SECRETARY TESTIFIED UNDER OATH HAD…

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Minds Will Be Spinning, Heads Will Roll! This General Just Told Trump A Secret Information That’ll Put Obama In Jail!

Barack Obama should be guilty of the espionage act, or at least that is what Lt. Gen. Thomas Mcinerney weighed in on Devin Nunes and his bombshell revelations from this week. He says that the Donald Trump and his team were definitely spied on by the NSA/CIA and says that it wasn’t Russia-related. The Russia thing was just used as political cover in order to spy on Trump. According to Vessel News, McInerney believes that when the evidence comes out that Obama will regret the day that he spied on…

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