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Bill Clinton’s Son Issues Heartbreaking Message And Stuns World On Father’s Day

The more we see from Danney Williams, the more we are inclined to believe he truly is the son of Bill Clinton. Ask yourself this. Only one person has even come forward like this to claim they are Bill Clinton’s son. This could have been put to rest YEARS ago if it was fake with a simply paternity test, yet the former President refuses? Why? Ironically, while Danney Williams very well may be Bill Clinton’s true son, Chelsea Clinton may NOT be his true daughter as many have speculated that…

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After His Love Child was Found Murdered, Bill Clinton Seeking For Divorce!

About 30 years, the Clintons family have been at the center of scandals that always seem to end with a trail of bodies. The question has often been asked, with no evidence to follow, how much do they know and did they personally cover them up? For a majority of Americans, the Clintons are criminals. They are guilty. Now it seems that Bill Clinton himself is appalled at the actions of his own wife. A rash of bodies lately has culminated in not only the loss of his child, Danney Williams,…

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