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Confirmed: Trump’s Newest Executive Order Just Won Him Reelection (VIDEO)

President Trump continues to keep his promises. And while many are related to ideological issues, others will have a very real impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans. His newest executive order is among the latter, a move that will provide jobs to MILLIONS and boost our economy in ways that are going to make Barack Obama howl with rage. President Trump has decided to make it a whole lot easier for companies in America to hire apprentices. And he’s going to pour a LOT more money into…

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New Executive Order Will Send 13 Million Immigrants Back! Do You Support This?!

Finally our President Trump getting tough on illegal immigrants. Liberals are furious but forget that a large portion of Trump’s order simply tells law enforcement to enforce the laws on the books, the same ones Obama told them to ignore. President Trump’s orders allow immigration officials to deport all immigrants convicted of crimes, and on top of that all those that have not been charged yet but are suspected to have committed crimes with a good chance they will be charged. This order affects roughly 8 million people. The left…

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