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You Will Love This: Clint Eastwood Blasts Trump-Haters, Tells them To ‘Just F*cking Get Over’ One Thing!

  Instead of being an industry that makes quality art and entertainment, it’s now little more than a liberal propaganda machine. We are talking about Hollywood, that become a cesspool of leftist degeneracy  Thankfully, there are still people like Clint Eastwood who make good movies AND talk some common sense into their fellow Americans.  Eastwood, 86, is a Hollywood legend who’s achieved massive success for his acting and directing. He’s also a right-wing supporter of Trump. At the Cannes Film Festival on May 22, the Dirty Harry actor blasted modern political correctness…

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Breaking News: Tim Allen Destroys Liberal Snowflakes on Last Man Standing Before Being Cancelled! (VIDEO)

I am sure you all have watched one of the best show on TV “Last Man Standing.” Sadly after six seasons, ABC Network confirmed that they are canceling Tim Allen-starring sitcom. Apparently, it is ok for SNL to trash our president week after week, but when Tim Allen expresses his brand of conservatism, his show gets canceled. I guess that is more of that good old fashioned Love Trumping Hate from the Left. The show was one of the few broadcast network sitcoms to appeal to conservative, blue-collar America, a…

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