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Breaking News: The House Just Voted! Only AMERICAN LAWS Will Be Used – Sharia Law Is Officially DONE!

In United States has been a battle of sorts against the illegal immigrants that try to come in and destroy our country. Many states have gone ahead with the law that bans the use of foreign laws in the United States, including Shariah Law. Shariah Law is a hateful form of governmental laws that specifically oppresses women. Many Muslims in the United States have been trying to enforce this horrible set of laws and in some places they are succeeding. A new state has finally come out against this form…

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Trump Did Amazing Thing! President Trump Solve It Mexico In the Best Way He Could!

You definitely will NOT hear the Mainstream Media talking about this! Donald Trump managed what he is planning to do with Mexico, the one thing liberals said was absolutely impossible. TRUMP HAS BASICALLY ENDED ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION FROM MEXICO! No, I am not even exaggerating. Just take a look at this graph of Illegal border crossings of the Rio Grande (the BIGGEST crossing point for illegals) since Trump took office: Wanna see it even better? Well here are the last 5 years in terms of illegal immigration vs 2017: See? Now that is…

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