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This is Awesome: Trump’s Secretary of State Tillerson Shocks Everyone At Biker Rally for Memorial Day (VIDEO)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suddenly appeared at the Rolling Thunder biker rally in Washington, D.C., to pose for pictures with veterans and bikers before riding away on his own Harley WITH the group. Amazing! Did you know Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a biker? Neither did we! This is such a cool story. Tillerson, rode his motorcycle with Rolling Thunder to honor Memorial Day. The Conservative Treehouse reported: Buckets of Awesome: Secretary T-Rex Rides With Rolling Thunder (video) OK, this is just buckets of all American awesome. Secretary…

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Breaking News: CAIR Officials Question Honoring U.S. Troops on Memorial Day

The fact is, we have always and always will honor our fallen soldiers because they are the true heroes of this country. They are willing to go into the heat of battle and defend our rights even at the cost of death. This is why we need to be more diligent in who we allow into our country. The Muslim Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has made the decision that Memorial Day shouldn’t honor those American soldiers who gave their lives for our country and our freedom. Instead, it will…

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