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Four Countries Ban Muslim Immigration from Qatar

Because of high security risk four islamophobic nations – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain have banned immigration from Qatar. Aljazeera reported: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain say they are severing diplomatic relations with Qatar. The Saudi kingdom said it was cutting ties to its neighbour and has pulled all Qatari troops from the ongoing war in Yemen. The kingdom made the announcement via its state-run Saudi Press Agency early on Monday, saying it was taking the action for what it called the protection of national…

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Shocking Report: Crazed Muslim Teen Killed Two Innocent People in South Florida

Two are dead and more injured as the “religion of peace” continues to spread across our country. An 18-year-old Florida teen has been apprehended by police after launching a rampage in Tampa. Devon Arthurs murdered his roommates because they disrespected the Muslim faith. (via Dennis Michael Lynch). Devon Arthurs stormed Green Planet Smoke Shop, a head shop in South Florida. Brandishing a semi-automatic weapon, Arthurs demanded that the shopkeeper and a patron lay on the floor. “Why shouldn’t I kill you?” he asked the male customer and female shopkeeper. A third customer…

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Breaking News: Muslim Refugee Slaps Woman For Refusing To Have Sex With Him (VIDEO)

It is horrifying that Muslim immigrants believe that they own the streets because there are people in our government which allow them to get unpunished for everything bad they are doing. Sadly, that means average citizens, our woman, our children are forced to endure mounting harassment, abuse or worse. Until they get the deserved punishment they will continue to do this. They are animals! A video footage that was posted on the Internet, shows a Muslim refugee from Africa proposition a white girl in the UK for sex. When she…

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