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After His Firing , Comey Did a SICK Thing Behind President Trump’s Back, Now He’s Facing 5 Years IN PRISON!

Over their latest manufactured scandal, liberals confidentially continue to proclaim that they have the “smoking gun” that will land Trump an impeachment. Few days ago, former FBI Director James Comey, came forward to the New York Times on alleging that President Trump asked him to drop an investigation into his former security advisor Michael Flynn, which liberals are now asserting was “obstruction of justice” on Trump’s part. But now an absolutely huge revelation has just been made about something Comey testified to the Senate back on May 3rd while under oath that is now coming…

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Immediately After Confirmation, Neil Gorsuch Did 1 Thing That’ll SURPRISE Trump!

I doubt that Trump even saw that this will going as smoothly as he did. He said that we would keep on winning and as you can see… WE HAVE NOT STOPPED WINNING! The Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court on a 54-45 vote that shows just how much fighting has occurred in the super-partisan congress that resides in the Senate. GORSUCH WINS! AMERICA WINS! Gorsuch will fill the seat that has been vacant since Antonin Scalia passed away in February. The outcome was not in doubt but the confirmation process has…

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Breaking! Elizabeth Warren Gets BAD News As She Eyes 2020 White House Run

Rumor has it that Trump-hater Elizabeth Warren is considering a presidential run in 2020. However, she just got a piece of news that indicates she may not even be in politics in four years at all… Fox News reported that Warren has been so focused on taking down Trump that she appears to have lost control of her own state. Now, her Senate seat in Massachusetts is in jeopardy, as she only has the support of 44% of the state. Meanwhile, 46% say that Warren does not deserve a second…

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