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Just In: Sheriff Clarke Just Went BRUTAL on Violent Liberals

Like the rest of America, Sheriff David Clarke is tired of the liberal violence and the vile, dangerous rhetoric coming from the left. Even more so, he and the American public are sick of the fake news media and Democrat lawmakers pretending leftist violence and hate doesn’t exist. It exists, and it’s about to get someone killed. The latest example occurred on Wednesday, when a rabid anti-Trump #Resistance “Bernie Bro” shot up a baseball field filled with GOP Congressmen practicing for a bipartisan baseball game. Democrat leaders like loopy Nancy Pelosi are now blaming President Trump for the VA…

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WOW! Sheriff Clarke With Brutal Slam DESTROYED Whoopi Goldberg !

Whoopi Goldberg’s ego is the only thing bigger than her waistline. Sheriff David Clarke attempted to quell Whoopi Goldberg’s fears that a TSA agent would attempt to feel up the aging actress. The hosts of ABC’s The View responded to a viral video where a young boy was extensively frisked by an older TSA agent. In the video, the 11-year-old boy had his groin and buttocks patted down. “He’s checking in places where, you know, you can’t touch me. I would end up in jail,” exclaimed Goldberg, reacting to the…

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Future FBI Director Claims: I will Arrest Hillary Clinton Today!

The White House has said the search to replace former FBI Director James Comey will begin immediately. One name reportedly being floated as a potential replacement is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. He joined the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria to discuss. “This is the kind of political theater that goes on when something like this opens up,” he said. “My name has been mentioned…I try not to get into that – I’m focused on what I’m doing right now.” While it’s not clear who Trump will choose, he…

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