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Just In: S.C. Republican Ralph Norman Accepted Million of Dollars From Obama Administration!

Ralph Norman – the former South Carolina state senator, who is running as the conservative candidate in the state’s fifth congressional district, sat on the board of a bank that accepted millions of dollars from the Obama administration’s 2008 bailout. Norman served on South Carolina Bank and Trust Financial Corporation’s board of directors in January 2009 when the bank sold $64.8 million in preferred stock and a 10-year warrant to the Treasury Department under its Capital Purchase Program, which was created as part of the federal government’s $700 billion bailout….

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Ted Cruz Has A Huge Plan For Funding Border Wall! You Will Be Surprised!

Sen. Ted Cruz (R – Tex.) wants to pay for Trump’s promised border wall with money seized from drug lords, like Mexico’s notorious El Chapo. In fact, the clever word games congressmen often play with bill titles has the bill being named directly after the escaping kingpin. Cruz’s proposed $14 billion in funding is titled, “Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order” or EL CHAPO. U.S. prosecutors are currently seeking drug profits that belong to El Chapo as well as other assets to the tune of $14 billion. “Fourteen…

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Soon Justice Will be Served! Congress Demands New INVESTIGATION! Barack Obama and George Soros PETRIFIED!

THE HAND OF JUSTICE IS GOING TO REACH EVERY TRAITOR OF THE FATHERLAND! Bad news for Barack Obama and George Soros. We are still chilled after the latest horrible revelation about Soros and his EVIL PLAN to destroy Macedonia, there’s even more! Ted Cruz goes after Soros and Obama with his new unexpected and bombastic investigation. This is going to determine the future of many European countries in which Soros used taxpayers’ money for funding liberal anti-government organizations. Sen. Ted Cruz, along with a few other Republican senators, are going right for the jugular. They’re launching…

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